Why do some people sweat so much


Why do some people sweat so much?

We all sweat at times to cool ourselves

down -during vigorous exercise, for

example - and to cleanse the pores of the

skin. Occasionally, in an emotional upset

of some kind, we may break out into what

is often called 'a cold sweat'. Perspiration

of that kind is quite normal. Only when it

becomes excessive and without apparent

reason is there likely to be an underlying

problem needing specialist attention.

People who perspire excessively suffer

from what is known as hyperhidrosis. It

may occur only in certain places, such as

the armpits, the face or the palms, or it

may be in all areas supplied by sweat

glands. Any one of several factors may

explain the condition - anxiety, an infection, clothing made from synthetic materials. Usually, it lasts during puberty and

Vanishes in early adulthood. Sufferers

Should be careful about their personal hygiene, and try using antiperspirants. If the condition is particularly troublesome,

hey should consult a doctor, wh0 may

prescribe helpful drugs.


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