Why doesn't the Sun burn out


If you fail to stoke a fire,it's flames at some time will die. Yet the great fire of the Sun has burned nonstop for about 5000 million years with no apparant sign of going out.We , on the Earth , soak up a tiny fraction - perhaps one- hundred-millionth of the Sun's vast energy .The rest of it's awesome output of the heat and the light vanishes beyond the planets and into the space. People in many cultures regarded the Sun as a miraculous gifts from the gods ,quite different from the earthly fires and therefore not likely to fail them unless the gods were made angry . We now know that the sun will eventually burn away. Tests show that it's temperature fluctuate . Since 1979 , it seems to have cooled by one-tenth of 1 per cent ,but that is not a sign that the great fire is going out. Space scientist believe that , because of the Sun volatile nature , this minor change may soon be reversed .The Sun is composed of almost 75 percent hydrogen and 25 percent helium plus much smaller amounts of oxygen , carbon, neon , nitrogen, magnesium ,iron and silicon .It is know as the main sequence star , one that shines by burning hydrogen .At the Sun's heart , the hydrogen was once compressed with such force that it started a nuclear reaction . In this giant furnace the hydrogen is converted by nuclear fusion into another combus - tinley gas ,helium , in a reaction similar to that in an H bomb . This , the Sun is both burning fuel and creating it .As the hydrogen gen store demishes , it stock of helium grows . The light and heat coming now from the Sun were actually produced in it's core many millions of years ago. When we burn fuel on a fire , we are converting matter wood or coal partially

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