SNL' just introduced a new Joe Biden and the reaction is mixed: 'That was the worst


SNL' just introduced a new Joe Biden and the reaction is mixed: 'That was the worst'

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James Austin Johnson becomes the latest 'Saturday Night Live' performer to play President Joe Biden. (Photo: NBC/Twitter)
James Austin Johnson becomes the latest performer to play President Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live. (Photo: NBC/Twitter)

New Biden, who dis? That's what Saturday Night Live fans were asking on Twitter when the late-night comedy institution introduced yet another new actor as President Joe Biden. As you might recall, Jason Sudeikis played the current POTUS back in his Veep days, but then he went off to merry old England and became Ted Lasso. After a three-episode 2019 run by Woody Harrelson and a one-shot performance by John Mulaney, Jim Carrey picked up the baton during the 2020 Presidential election, ironically resigning from office just after Biden clinched the presidency. Enter cast member Alex Moffat, who seemed poised to become a four-term SNL president. 

But viewers tuning into the Season 47 premiere instead saw a whole new POTUS. And to say they were confused is an understatement. As Twitter users furiously tried to deduce his identity, some even mistakenly thought that host Owen Wilson was taking a turn at the presidential podium. 

So who exactly is this Biden? None other than James Austin Johnson, one of the six new comedians hired as Featured Players this season. Funnily enough, the Tennessee-born comic rose to prominence by imitating another Oval Office occupant: former president, Donald Trump. In August 2020, Johnson dropped a Twitter video where he impersonated Trump riffing on


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